Coaching sessions are typically conducted online, via Zoom, Skype etc.

As a Coach, I  Do Not:

Provide Medical Diagnosis

I am not a medically qualified professional and nor do I pretend to be, I am unable to diagnose medical conditions for any of my clients be it physical or mental.  If circumstances arise during our sessions that may indicate you need more professional support we will discuss this and I will make the appropriate suggestion/recommendation to you directly.

Make decisions for you 

This is not my journey and as such not within my control or desire.  I can not tell what decisions you need to make when deciding upon the path of your journey, I am however here to support you and provide you with all the tools you need to make those decisions and choices.

Do the work for you

I know this one just seems so unfair, but if I did I would not be serving you at all in the long run.  I am here to help you develop the skills and identify, create and have the resources to help you move forward through the rest of your life..

Project any of my own beliefs onto your journey

You probably know what I am going to say her.. This is not my journey and what is right for me and the direction I choose to go in, is not the case for you.  I am here to build you up and enable you to fully enjoy your own personal adventure.

Initial Complimentary Consultation 

Don't know where to start?  Don't know if coaching will be right for you .  Dont have  alot of time to waste - Lets have a  quick chat (15-30mins) , We can talk about what you are looking for and I can show you how great coaching can support you on your journey

Ongoing Consultations

These consultations vary in time from 15mins to 1hour depending upon your coaching plan.  This is where the action steps are developed, managed and monitored.  This is where we get to break down your future path into manageable and achievable packages and together we develop your toolkit for success and freedom.

Introductory Consultation

This is all about you, We get to spend a little more time together then normal (90mins), and we focus on you, Look at what makes you tick, where you find your joy and happiness, what are the important things in your life, where you have journeyed so far to get to this point and how you want your journey to continue.


Packages can be designed to suit your individual needs, they range includes

  • Single use as required,

  • pre-paid bundles,

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Memberships,

  • Group training sessions,

  • Workshops,

  • Corporate Training Programs, and

  • Guest Speaker engagements

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