As your Productivity Coach I can help you find focus and space in your busy life, provide you with your own personalised toolkit, to support your dreams, development, productivity and life balance needs  

Do you want to know how to set Goals & Achieve them?


Do you make resolutions?  Do you constantly make plans but find that life gets in the way and your dreams remain unfulfilled?

Your dreams & wishes are achievable, but you need focus & a helping hand to bring them to fruition

To champion small business owners and motivated entrepreneurs, to recognise and engage new opportunities to be innovative, resourceful and tenacious in optimising and growing their business.

Do you want more

time in your Life?


Are you running on empty? feel like you are constantly busy but not getting anywhere?   

Get the tools and concepts to find direction and build space into your life.

Don't take my word for it. Let word of mouth speak for itself.


Paula has coached me for an exceptionally long time in all aspects of life, ranging from job applications to career changes. This has helped me on many occasions in obtaining the position or in this instance starting my own business.



The coaching was very beneficial in that it forced me to think about things that I had been pushing to the back of my mind and not dealing with properly.  Having someone there not letting you off the hook made such a big difference and Paula’s manner and approach was great.



PJC expert knowledge, professionalism & processes were very beneficial. I felt very comfortable talking with her & she made the experience an easy & fulfilling one. With the procedures & processes she has given me, she has enabled me to organise & structure myself in a more efficient & professional manner.


Jasmine O

Working with Paula was the push I needed to launch my new business &, in a very short space of time, make it a start-up success. I am still early in my business journey but Paula’s coaching has helped me take multiple leaps of faith & be comfortable with testing & learning (vs. perfectionism).


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