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Succeed in 2021 with a plan that works!

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I'm Paula

Accountability Coach with 25+ years Professional experience

In that time I have balanced family, career, study and my own business.  I know what it is like to prioritise these demands and still be able to stayed focused and on track. ( Look at one of my many cheeky monkeys joining in on the photo opportunity). 


I have created and implemented training and development plans, and worked with 100's of individuals to focus on their dreams and desires through developing the right and balanced strategies that bring these to fruition. 


Do you want to learn how to do it? 


Do you want to create YOUR audacious 2021? 

Do you want to be able to gain clarity on what you want? and learn how to create the simple plans that will ensure you achieve it?

We have just finished our most recent 5 day Goal Setting and Planning Challenge, but join the waitlist and be the first to know when we kick off again


You will learn how to





Be Audacious

Make it Real



Identify your resources



Outline your Actions



Get Doing


For this challenge I will be going "live" on Facebook to take you through the steps and activities each day that have been created for this challenge.

Join me in the Facebook group so that you have access to each days live and the workbook activities.


Working with Paula, I have been able to identify some achievable goals, and the steps I need to take to get there.   I have the tools to be moving forward every day, and the support and encouragement is provided as well. 


Leanne F 

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