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I'm Paula

I am an Accountability Coach with 25+ years Professional experience

In that time I have balanced family, career, study and my own business.  I know what it is like to prioritise multiple overlapping demands and still be able to stayed focused and on track. 

I know how easy it is to get side tracked, to lose focus and to be met with resistance that then takes a negative toll on your motivation and momentum.  During my career I have worked with 100's of individuals creating training and development plans and ensuring we have inbuilt strategies that enable them to identify, address and manage their momentum to ensure consistency and success for their plans.

Are you looking for strategies and ways to increase and manage your momentum on a consistent basis?

Do you have dreams and Goals that you want to achieve this year and keep on track?

Have you hit a brick wall, a stumbling block, or even experienced some resistance in achieving your goal and you have found that this has really set you back in your desire and rhythm to strive to achieve your goal?

Join me on Monday 1st Feb 2021 and I will take you through the innovative and effective strategies that will help you build and maintain consistent momentum in your daily practices and support the achievement of your goals.


Through the Challenge you will learn Strategies such as;

  • Managing your Mindset
  • Building your success roadmap
  • Being Proactive
  • Avoiding Stagnation and Analysis Paralysis
  • Gaining ground through the lessons you learn and failures
  • Reviewing and Resetting
  • Staying Consistent
  • Celebrating Success
To name just a few . . . . . . . .


For this challenge I will be going "live" on Facebook to take you through the steps and activities each day that have been created for this challenge.

Join me in the Facebook group so that you have access to each days live and the workbook activities.

Standing Meeting

What people are saying.................

The coaching with Paula was very beneficial as it gave me a better understanding about my triggers, what I am doing/not doing to get to where I say that I want to be.  Paula was able to provide me a better focus on the steps that I need to take to achieve the outcomes that I want. 

Sheriel H