Has the start of 2021 brought the end to “Traditional Resolutions”

With 2020 being the year of a pandemic, reflections of simpler times an emphasis on change and the celebration of the ability to survive, adapt and “PIVOT” (now that is a word that should be retired!). Has the year that 2020 was sounded the bell on the end of “Resolutions”?

What even is a resolution and why is it such a dirty word at the moment?

The best explanation I have for a what a resolution is, is simply where you resolve to change something in your life, continue a current good activity, achieve an endeavour and/or seek to improve the nature and quality of your current life. Resolutions are traditionally made at the start of a new year, using this time as a set point to refresh and review your life.

So why is it now becoming a dirty word?

Is it just an old tradition that is no longer relevant? Is only once a year so old school. Have people lost interest in what feels like an imposed need to improve or has the pressure and impact of the pandemic year 2020 simply taken its toll?

With 2020 being the year that brought with it a pandemic, economic disruption, uncertainty, despair, change, illness, and stress just to name some of the many impacts. Is the concern about 2021 Resolutions that an emphasis and focus on making more change in your life during these volatile times is simply adding unnecessary pressure to achieve, thus increasing the level of uncertainty?

One way to explore this is to understand what the alternatives are – Goals, Dreams, Desires, Ideas, Objectives we could go down the official definitions path (boring and really would you continue reading this?) So I will summarise it for you

  • Goals are ideas and desires of future results and achievements that you can envisage

  • Dreams are images, ideas and emotions of a future state that you may want to strive to achieve

  • Desires are strong feelings of longing, wanting or wishing for something that will bring fulfillment or satisfaction

  • Ideas are thoughts or suggestions for a different future state, and

  • Objectives are things that you aim for or seek to achieve

In our day to day life many of these terms are interchangeable with each other and we tend to utilise more than one when explaining our purpose, a course of action or plan

So when you consider all of this aren’t they in principle all very similar? Should we focus not on the term that we use but the actual Outcomes you are seeking to achieve. With Outcomes being the specific changes that can be experienced as a result of taking action or reaching a set goal.

It is important to note during times of incredible change such as 2020, it is also a time of incredible opportunity, new direction and consolidation of incredible experiences and capabilities.

I believe that this is the KEY its not about the Resolutions or Goals but it is about the true Outcome you are seeking to fulfill and achieve through committing to take action on these so stipulate Resolutions or Goals etc

Is 2021 really the year that we decide growth and change is no longer needed? Or is it simply knowing that you can decide when you are going to start on your journey can happen at any time of the year not just on the 1st Jan………….

The important thing to remember is no matter what the cause for motivation, the most wonderous thing to take from these events is the “desire” it creates and impetus for growth it encourages so does it really matter what term you use? So NO I say resolutions are still relevant and I yet I say YES Traditional resolutions are defunct as we no longer need the 1st Jan to trigger a need to change, improve or achieve.

Its about what resonates and works for you. Be it a Dream, a Wish, a Goal, or even a Resolution – I say Call it whatever you want and start it whenever is necessary as anything that empowers and motivates you to change, improve and embrace growth has a got to be a good thing…

Now we have sorted the terminology debate – the next key element is about having the right plan in place to ensure you achieve, so keep watching as I will discuss that in my next Blog…..

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