Maintaining Momentum - Having a Daily focus on Success

People talk about motivation and momentum so much these days that it is easy to think they are one and the same, and in many cases they do go hand in hand, when we talk about growth, development and progress both in personal and business aspects.

Now a very simplified way to look at this is Momentum = motion or movement, and Motivation is a desire to do something, be something and so on.

So how do these two things work together? Can you have Momentum without Motivation or even Motivation without Momentum?

Short answer from a purely theoretical point of view is, Yes. Yes you can have one without the other, but the important point to note here is that the outcome you achieve will rarely be aligned. You will complete actions, and even achieve outcomes, and you will feel that you are progressing through your day to day. But your balance of positivity, goal achievement, personal and career development will not match your desires.

Now if you were to use Momentum and Motivation together, in tandem you could find yourself creating your own version of perpetual motion as your momentum feeds your motivation and motivation propels your momentum. It is in this cycle you find fulfillment, goal achievement and alignment in who you are, what you do and what you are striving to achieve.

It is amazingly easy to talk about having motivation and achieving momentum, but how do you maintain momentum when you are go through times when your motivation may be lacking.

Recently I created a worksheet with 15 Tips on how to increase and manage your motivation. But how do you kick start your momentum?

The easiest way to kick start your momentum definitely is to be motivated, that is a given! But sometimes it takes time for you motivation to be where it should be, so the following 10 Tips will help you on a daily basis focus on Success keep you moving and in motion as you grow your motivation.

1. Create a Routine

I have previously created a list of suggestions that you might like to try 10 Morning Routines for a Successful Day.

Having a routine provides you with a platform from which to work, a way of feeling in control of your environment and setting you up mentally and physically to carve out time in your day to focus and pursue your goals and passions.

It is true, that this is most successful when you create and perform your routine first thing in the morning, as a way of commencing your day the right way, on the right foot so to speak. For many of you this is very easily built into your day, setting the alarm a little early and make these simple changes. But let us be honest for others – shift workers, fly in-fly outs, emergency service workers, those with flexible/multiple working arrangements, multiple commitments, or caring responsibilities a rigid schedule is not as easy to achieve.

I fit into this category (many times) which is why I focus on the routine being a Daily routine, a routine that I make time for (dare I say schedule) around and within my day which gives my moments and pockets of time where I can recalibrate and refocus regularly on my pursuits.

2. Cut the negative momentum - Be in the present

Dwelling on the past is not beneficial or productive, so just don’t. Its time to draw a line in the sand, let go of the past and look forward. Use the past experiences to learn and grow from, by avoiding the duplication of errors and aiding you to find more efficient methods to propel you towards new goals and achievements.

3. Set Deadlines

Such a simple technique yet so underutilised by many. Give yourself tangible time frames to aim for, there needs to be an end goal. Having due dates in place enables you to focus your energy and time on the tasks that are needed encouraging you to stay on track and reduce distractions.

4. Start with one step

Just one will make all of the difference, it is not complicated, It can be something quite small to build your confidence, or it can be a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to challenge yourself, but the key here is the ONE Step. Ask yourself each day, what is the one step ”action/task” you are doing today towards achieving your goal(s).

5. Make your list

Most people know and understand this concept as a “To do list”. But it is more productive than that, this is where you should write down everything you need to do and everything you need to do to achieve your goals, everything.

Once you have completed this you will have quiet a comprehensive and lengthy list. This list may initially be overwhelming. But I have a few techniques that you can try that will turn a lengthy daunting list into a productive tool for your use.

· Group the Main Tasks you need to do together and Identify the Key element, now your list is simple and concise

· Alternatively, for some the opposite will work, breaking every item down into its simplest form enabling you to tick of each step as you go

· Prioritisation is another method where by you review your list and order the items based on the benefits, outcomes and urgency, then each day you can review your list and identify the Top 3 TED’s Today’s Essential Deeds and focus on completing these as your priority

· Elimination probably favourite but be warned this one is not for the lighthearted. Review your list and simply delete all of the tasks that are not necessary and those that will not more you towards the fulfillment of your goals.

Which ever method you choose to apply, and practice remember the Key is – To have the LIST!

6. Make a Decision

And Do it TODAY. It is easy to get waylaid and delayed when avoiding making difficult decisions, you can get lost down the rabbit hole of options and choices, this research simple or complex can lead you into analysis paralysis, you can become distracted by shiny (sexier) alternatives and procrastinate. None of these things will get you ahead.

Whichever of these is your guilty pleasure – name it, acknowledge it, own it and now resolve to move past it by “Making the necessary decisions”. Simple Options could be

· If you are researching and doing analysis limit the number of items you are exploring and comparing,

· Give yourself a deadline in which you must finalise your decision.

· Take action – it all starts with the one step, decide which will be yours and then DO IT.

7. Build on your Success

To ensure forward momentum continues, it is important to give energy and force to your existing achievements along the way. Recognise – Celebrate – Reward even the smallest wins and use these moments as fuel to propel you to the next move and then the next move and so on. This process reminds and reinforces to your brain, just how capable you are and that you have made it this far, you have the skills to build on this and go further.

8. 1% Rule

My interpretation of this rule can be summarised as a focus on continual improvement. Each day you need to strive to be better then the previous. In this pursuit you should be consistent and persistent in your approach, aiming for 1% improvement on yesterday. This incremental improvement over periods of time has a compounding growth effect and will yield significant and purposeful outcomes.

If you want to explore this concept further Tommy Baker is the author of the Book “The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

9. Create Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers are pauses in your current actions or work activities that enable you to stop, refresh and refocus. They can be as simple as changing the task that you are doing. Circuit Breakers are a great technique to use when you find yourself losing traction, or even getting distracted.

Some of the simplest Circuit Breakers include

· Taking a break, a walk, having a stretch, moving your body,

· Changing the task that you are focused on, or even

· Changing your approach.

Now there is a trick to this, do not use this technique to procrastinate, or avoid decision making opportunities. To keep you on Track the TED approach is effective here.

10. Increase your Energy

Whether I am talking about things such as routines, motivation, momentum or focus, I find this point features in all of them, there must be something to this, Momentum is about motion after all.

So, get up, get out of bed, change out of those pyjamas, and in the words of Joseph McClendon III “Shake that Arse”. Get your body moving, do some exercise, go for a walk, Dance like no one is watching. The simple act of movement creates motion and provides the energy = momentum from which you can action your goals.

If you want to kick start your Momentum, have a look at this list and pick one, Oh Heck try them all and let me know how you went.

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· “The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams“- Tommy Baker

· “Shake that Arse”- Joseph McClendon III

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